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Denise Melanson Bursary


  • Applications will be accepted until 25 Aug 2016.

About the Bursary

This bursary is awarded in memory of Denise Melanson who died in August of 2006 as a result of a medication error. Denise, who was a 43-year-old wife and mother of three, worked with special needs children as a teaching assistant and she lived in Rainbow Lake, Alberta. Her story has prompted cancer care agencies across Canada to re-examine medication administration practices with the aim of reducing the possibility of a similar error affecting another patient.

The establishment of this bursary is one of many measures taken by Alberta Health Services to ensure an everlasting focus on patient safety in honor of Ms. Melanson.

This bursary was established as part of the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Building Excellence Program and provides funding for two annual awards. All Alberta Health Services employees whose primary role is to provide care or service to cancer patients are eligible to apply for this annual award. The award may be used to attend approved conferences, workshops or other educational opportunities focusing on patient safety.

Recipients of the Alberta Cancer Foundation Denise Melanson Bursary are eligible for financial assistance up to a maximum of $3,000 and will be chosen by a selection committee made up of representatives from a number of patient care disciplines.

Previous Bursary Recipients are:

  • Heather K. Warkentin, Cross cancer Institute to attend Canadian Winter School: Quality and Safety 1 Radiation Oncology
  • Susan Kimber, BMT Unit at TBCC – to attend 2014 BMT Tandem Meeting
  • Gail Campbell, Pharmacist (CCI) - to attend American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition
  • Erin Molsberry, RN in Day Care Unit (CCI) - to attend National Patient Safety Foundation Annual Patient Safety Congress
  • Paula Langenhoff, Leader – Planning & Administration (CCI) - to attend IHI’s seminar “The Patient Experience: Improving Safety, Efficiency and HCAHPS through Patient Centered Care”
  • Margaret Batz, Pharmacy Clinical Educator (CCI) - to attend American Society of Health System Pharmacists Midyear Conference
  • Wayne Enders, Nurse Educator with the Community Cancer Network - to attend Canadian Health Safety Symposium 9
  • Lindsay Ross, Quality Coordinator for the BMT Program - toward tuition for Certificate in Patient Safety & Quality at U of Calgary

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