2017 Progress Report

Spring 2017 Progress Report

Thank you for helping us make investments that matter.

At the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we invest in initiatives and programs focused on making a direct impact for patients and their families.

This progress report takes a closer look at four investments that are making life better for Albertans facing cancer – thanks to generous support from donors like you.

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A cancer diagnosis at a young age comes with a unique set of challenges. The Alberta Cancer Foundation is tailoring our provincial patient navigator program to fit the needs of adolescent and young adults to ensure they are on the path to becoming healthy and resilient adults. Your support made this happen.

Thanks to you, a clinical trial studying the best treatment options for a certain type of brain cancer is providing one of the biggest increases in survival rates that we have ever seen.

You will read about a new commitment to a bold Patient Partnership Strategy that brings together patients, family members, clinicians and researchers to share their experiences and expertise, and discuss what’s most important for the future of cancer care – specifically for head and neck cancer patients. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

Finally, your investment is enabling clinical trial teams around the province to improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients by using a targeted form of radiation that saves patients from unnecessary treatments and limits radiation exposure.

Your support is accelerating research discoveries, creating patient-centered care, and improving the quality of life for Albertans and their families. Thank you for helping us make investments that matter.