2018 Progress Report

Spring 2018 Progress Report

Thank you for helping us make investments that matter.

At the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we actively seek out and support the most promising research and care programs that will provide real-life returns to albertans facing cancer.

This progress report takes a closer look at four investments that are directly impacting patients and their families – thanks to the generosity from donors like you.

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Thanks to your support, an innovative prostate cancer research team has discovered an advanced screening technique that will improve the quality of life for patients who require yearly biopsies.

You will also read about a lymphoma clinical trial that accrued more patients in Alberta than other centres around the world. Thanks to you, we are changing the way we treat lymphoma and helping patients live longer.

Thanks to your investment, important strides are being made in multiple myeloma research. With the help of a provincial database initiative, patients are receiving tailored and refined treatment options.

Finally, after life-saving surgery for head and neck cancer, the physical alterations to a patient’s face can be devastating. A dream team of scientists in Alberta have made a groundbreaking discovery that will allow patients to receive customized nasal reconstructions using their own cells. This progress is possible, because of you.

These are only some of the ways that your incredible commitment is making a difference for patients across the province. Thank you for making investments that matter.