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Alberta Cancer Foundation

The Alberta Cancer Foundation

  • Is the charity responsible for supporting research, prevention and care for all Alberta Health Services cancer centres. These include the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, Grande Prairie Cancer Centre, Central Alberta Cancer Centre (Red Deer), Margery E. Yuill Cancer Center (Medicine Hat) and Jack Ady Cancer Centre (Lethbridge) as well as 11 community cancer centres.
  • Represents the interests of some 200,000 donors
  • Invested $28.3 million in cancer research, prevention, screening and care
  • Invested nearly $110 million into this province over the last five years.
  • Manages more than $65 million in endowments

 Alberta Cancer Foundation impact on research

  • Is the largest single funder of research in Alberta and invests more than an average $15 million a year to support world-class cancer researchers.T hanks to donor dollars, more than 2,000 Albertans are participating in more than 200 clinical trials across the province spanning all cancer types-- evaluating the effectiveness of future ways to prevent, diagnose, treat, or manage cancer.
  • Established 12 endowed research chairs in whole or in partnership, attracting international cancer experts to live and work in Alberta
  • Provided funding to launch more than 50 additional Alberta cancer research projects last year
  • Provided major equipment and infrastructure funding, such as the Howard Cancer Research Centre in Calgary
  • Funded Canada's first long-term epidemiology study, The Tomorrow Project following 30,000 healthy Alberta volunteers to learn more about who gets cancer and why

Alberta Cancer Foundation impact on prevention and screening

  • 25,000 women access mammography screening each year on mobile digital mammography units funded with $11 million raised by the Alberta Cancer Foundation through its Weekend to End Breast Cancer.
  • Thousands of Albertans and their family doctors will get reminder letters of the need to get screened for breast cancer, colorectal and cervical screening programs with support from the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Alberta Cancer Foundation impact on enhanced care

  • 548 patients and families received much-needed financial assistance last year
  • 10,000 patients and family members attended patient orientations at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre
  • 1,062 patients and families participated in the Arts and Medicine program at the Cross Cancer Institute
  • Hundreds of professionals sharpened clinical skills at Alberta Cancer Foundation-funded conferences
  • Patient navigators for those newly diagnosed with cancer help ease the cancer journey
  • Delivered 7500 Alberta Cancer Foundation Patient Journals to people newly diagnosed with cancer, allowing them to manage their care.

 How the Alberta Cancer Foundation raises money

  • $1.19 million from nearly 12,000 memorial gifts to honour loved ones lost to cancer last year
  • $3.2 million by more than 26,000 donors through mail campaigns, online gifts and monthly contributions last year
  • $8.47 million in gifts from more than 150 individual and corporate philanthropists.
  • More than 400 volunteer community fundraising events annually
  • Three annual major events—each with a fitness theme to promote health:
  • The Cash and Cars Lottery held jointly with the Canadian Cancer Society.




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