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6 on 6 Soccer Tournament

Benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation

July 25, 2015

OUR GOAL: $20,000.00

Total Amount Raised: $21,000.00

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Top Fundraisers 

General Donations $19,025.00
Jessica Kennaugh $540.00
Hollie Sackett-Reid $355.00
Jami Lea Bernal $350.00
Lynne Marie Motoska $200.00
Sean Donovan $100.00
Taralee Kirk $100.00
Jas Virk $100.00
Kelly Taylor $70.00
Marisol Kirk $55.00

Top Teams

Storm Bloopers FC $595.00
Momma Ruuts Rebels $420.00
FC Kela Krew $300.00
Lito's Warriors $100.00
Forski's Mob Squad $0.00
Sol FC $0.00
Club Memoria Jose Maria Caro $0.00
Palavecino United $0.00
Gonna be messi $0.00
La Juvenile $0.00

Our Mission is clear—redefining the future.

Every day, 43 Albertans hear the words “you have cancer”… the Alberta Cancer Foundation strives to change that. Through our bold new approach, the Alberta Cancer Foundation is speeding up progress to bring results to Alberta’s cancer patients faster. We do this because we are uniquely Albertan. Investing over $120 million into cancer research and care by 2017  – by Albertans…. For Albertans.

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