Alberta Cancer Foundation partners with health foundations to study COVID-19

Alberta Cancer Foundation partners with health foundations to study COVID-19

June 5, 2020 – The Alberta Cancer Foundation has partnered with other health foundations across the province to build a safe repository that will preserve COVID-19 samples and support world-class medical research.

There are currently more than 30 research projects in Alberta in need of positive samples to support their coronavirus-related research. These projects are undertaken between the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary, involving dozens of Alberta-based researchers, and some involve collaborations with scientists in other parts of North America.

The $300,000 repository is a partnership with Alberta Cancer Foundation, Calgary Health Trust, University Hospital Foundation, Alberta Children’s Hospital and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. Alberta Health Services and its subsidiary, Alberta Precision Laboratories, will fund operations and maintenance.

“Research in how to test for, treat and prevent COVID-19 is essential to our health future,” says Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health. “I commend all the partners on collaborating to make this happen.”

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is proud to be part of such an important initiative with other foundations across the province and is grateful to donors who support this work. “This speaks to the power in partnerships to advance innovation in medicine,” said Theresa Radwell, (Acting) CEO Alberta Cancer Foundation. “In the cancer world, we are well familiar with the importance of biorepositories and how they contribute to discovery and advancements in cancer research. We’re pleased to see this translated to COVID-19 research and think it will be a valuable addition for future research, as we learn more about this virus and how it may impact cancer treatment and outcomes.”

The biorepository will allow projects to explore things like rapid point-of-care testing methods, the effectiveness of certain drugs in treating the virus, the utility of serological (antibody) testing, and genome sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“We are thinking about the future and about deeper study of the coronavirus through clinical and academic research,” says Dr. Verna Yiu, AHS President and CEO. “We are extremely grateful to our foundation partners for their contribution towards this project that will benefit Albertans today and for years to come.”

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