BELLEROSE BIKE-A-THON – Our Million Dollar Year




The sound of cheers. The pounding of hearts.  Countless tears are shed, followed by a surge of pride. The whirring of over 75 stationary bikes begins, and won’t stop for another 48 hours. These will be the experiences of over 800 students, teachers, alumni and others as the 11th Annual Bellerose Bike-A-Thon for cancer kicks off.

Western Canada’s largest school fundraiser will be taking place at Bellerose Composite High School from March 5th to 7th, 2014. The hundreds of individuals involved in this event will have an experience like no other. Over the 48 hours, people come together in a way that is rare, but quite remarkable. Brought together by battles with cancer that have been both won and lost, stories are shared while we fight for a cause that is dear to millions of hearts.

Months of preparation precede this event. 75 dedicated teams raise money in every way we can imagine – canvassing, bake sales, car washes, etc. Our team is known as the ‘Colouring A Cure’ team – a team of 10 students with huge goals. This being our second year participating in the Bike-A-Thon, we are even more excited than before, knowing the magnitude of everything to come. Last year, despite team members being homesick, pained and fatigued, we all kept going – it was impossible not to, with the images of those we were biking for in our minds. Every second was filled with sweat and anticipation. With our team doing more fundraising this year, as well as publicizing the event, it will surely be even more successful.

Bike-A-Thon 2014 will be a year to remember. While the Bike-A-Thon raised over $250,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation and Kids with Cancer Society in 2013 alone, this year seems to be even more promising. We are only a few thousand dollars shy of having raised ONE MILLION dollars over the decade Bike-A-Thon has taken place. Now, we are gearing up for our million dollar year – and who knows what other successes it may bring! What’s more, anyone can support this event. Those who wishes to see the event in person are able to do so, and lend their support.

For more information on supporting this event and making donations, feel free to visit our fundraising website or follow these accounts: Facebook Pages – BCHS Bikeathon and Colouring a Cure, and, on Twitter – @BCHSBikeAThon and @ColouringACure. Thank you in advance to anyone who chooses to support this event. Together, we are united on a mission to win the battle against cancer – and together, we will!

~By Guest Blogger & Bellerose Student Hayley Wasylycia