Quality of Life

We prioritize based on the potential to lead to progress on our strategic goals of Earlier Detection, Quality of Life, Better Prevention and Improved Treatment.

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Tomorrow Project Reaches Major Milestone

Since Alberta’s Tomorrow Project started eight years ago, it is already yielding some promising results.

“You have cancer.” Those three words will be heard by Albertans over 19,000 times this year. But what if we knew why?

With more than 200 types of cancer, figuring out why some people develop cancer, and why others do not, is the most challenging question in cancer research today. But a long-term study is looking to change that.

Over the past 3-4 decades, major advances have been made in treatments for many cancers, meaning that many people live longer now than they would have done in the past. However, we haven’t made as much headway in understanding why some people develop the disease in the first place.

- Dr. Paula Robson, Scientific Director, Alberta’s Tomorrow Project

Together we can continue to provide Albertans with the best possible treatment and care available.