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Ring of Fire Fundraiser

Honouring Geoff Hollis-Haynes: The Ring of Fire Fundraiser

Thursday, September 28, 2023

In June of 2017, Geoff Hollis was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 34. Kassia Haynes, Geoff’s beloved fiance, took on the caregiver role without hesitation. The four years that would follow would come some of their best times (they married and became Dr. & Mrs. Hollis-Haynes) and their hardest times. Yet, their … Read More

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Jack Ady Cancer Centre

Jessica Davenport on Supporting Regional Cancer Care in Alberta

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

In the field of healthcare, every role plays a crucial part in contributing to patient well-being. Jessica Davenport, a Clinical Educator and Oncology Nurse, supports two Regional Cancer Centers – the Jack Ady Cancer Center in Lethbridge and the Margery E Yuill Cancer Center in Medicine Hat. Through her work, Jessica has witnessed the value … Read More

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Golara Asefi

Golara Asefi on Self Advocacy during the Cancer Journey

Monday, July 31, 2023

Golara Asefi had built a beautiful life for herself in Calgary. With a successful marketing career, an active lifestyle and an excitement for life, Golara could have never imagined the news she would receive at the young age of 36. In late summer of 2021, Golara Asefi started feeling strange sensations across her chest and … Read More

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The Alberta Lung Cancer Screening Program

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Statistics show that one in 13 Albertans will develop lung cancer in their lifetime, and over 1,500 lives are lost each year due to this disease. Every year, the devastating impact of lung cancer is felt by thousands of Albertans. These aren’t just numbers; they represent our loved ones, our families, and our friends. At … Read More

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Cancer Care Close to Home: Alanna Dukes

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Central Alberta is not just a place Alanna Dukes calls home; it’s a community where she has planted her roots, raised her children, and found a deep sense of belonging. Being an integral part of this community is crucial to Alanna, which is why her role as a Nurse Navigator at the Central Alberta Cancer … Read More

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