Dollars at Work

Supporting the Alberta Cancer Foundation

From the outside, we may look like a charity. But we don’t think of ourselves that way at all. We certainly don’t act like a charity. We don’t invest your money, our money, or anyone else’s money in research initiatives or treatments, if there isn’t a clear line of sight to patient outcomes. Your investment brings the best in prevention, screening, research and care to Alberta’s cancer patients.

The Project

Support of the Clinical Trials Unit at the Cross Cancer Institute

The Problem

Leading-edge chemotherapy drug discovery is a vital part of cancer treatment. Currently, scientists across the province are sitting on potential ideas that may change the cancer landscape in Alberta and around the world, offering more effectively targeted, individualized cancer therapy for patients. But how do we get from the ‘eureka’ moment in a research lab into the clinic to benefit breast cancer patients?

The Progress

Thanks to events like Bust a Move for Breast Health and participants like you who have chosen to support the Cross Cancer Institute’s Clinical Trials Research Unit, we are bridging that gap and fast-tracking those ideas from the scientist directly to patients. This means that Albertans have access to promising new advances and research breakthroughs as quickly as possible and Bust A Move has raised over 2.3 Million dollars since 2012 . Together, we are bringing results to patients and their families faster.

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