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Does each person have to raise $500 (or $250 for students)?

Yes, each team member needs to fundraise an average of $500 per person (or $250 for students). This means the team can hold fundraisers and share donations among team members.

Why must we be held accountable for raising our minimum? Doesn’t every bit count?

It absolutely does but at the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we believe in not only making a difference, but making an impact. We hold our participants accountable to their fundraising minimums to ensure events like Bust a Move are able to fulfill their funding commitment to the Cross Cancer Institute’s Clinical Trials Research Unit.

What happens if I don’t raise $500?

If on event day you are a bit shy of your minimum, we ask that you fill out a “delayed self-pledge” form with your contact information, the amount you may be short as well as a credit card number. You would then have an additional three months to raise the remaining amount of your goal, with the Alberta Cancer Foundation team supporting you every step of the way with fundraising ideas, suggestions and guidance. If after three months you’re still short your goal, we will proceed with charging the credit card for a tax deductible donation. We understand you may have additional questions, so please feel free to reach out to our Bust a Move team, directly at 780.643.4460. Carrie will be happy to chat with you further about the amazing things you’re helping us accomplish!

How will I raise $500?

You can do that and much more! Fundraising ideas are numerous – try one or try multiples. We’re also here to help with any fundraising questions so please give us a ring any time. Check out our fundraising ideas booklet here to get a sneak peek at a few of our suggestions.

Event Day

Where is Bust a Move for Breast Health taking place?

Please refer here.

Do I need to bring food?

We want you to focus on having fun, so all food and drinks will be supplied. Please make sure to bring a water bottle with you to refill at the BaMtastic water stations.

Do I need a team?

While teams are not required, they are highly recommended! Expand your team by a cup size and gather your friends, family, co-workers, neighbours and any other long lost breasties to make fundraising, training, and event day a piece of (healthy) cake!

Does our team have to dress up?

Although it is not required, costumes, creative team names, and friendly team competition are highly welcome! When else do you get to don a tutu for downward dog?


How long do I need to exercise for?

Bust a Move for Breast Health is a six-hour fitness extravaganza. Don’t worry; we mix it up every hour with a different instructor and different type of fitness activity. There are plenty of breaks and we encourage you to rest if need be. There’s also three different levels for you to follow along to in each session, so you’re free to go at your own pace!

What type of exercises will be doing?

Our team is busy recruiting the best fitness instructors in town to keep you excited and energized throughout the event. Be sure to keep checking the website for all the deets, but we do want to leave a few surprises for you!

Do I need to exercise for the full six hours?

There will be plenty of breaks but feel free to take a breather when needed and enjoy food, drinks, massages and more.

Are they all high-impact exercises?

Absolutely not! Each session will offer three levels of difficulty and you can follow the one right for you―low impact, regular, or high cardio.

Do I need to train for the event?

Training is up to you. You are able to go at your own pace and there will be different impact levels per session, so you can follow the routine that works best for your body. However, if you challenge yourself to commit to all six hours of the high intensity level, you may need to evaluate your personal training needs. We will also provide training ideas, free fitness sessions with our BaMtastic instructors and suggestions that will help you get BaM ready!

Do I need to bring workout gear?

Show up with your running shoes, sweat-ready clothing and a smile! Reminder: we will not be providing mats, so please remember to BYOYM—(Bring Your Own Yoga Mat)!

Call Us

Stumped? Puzzled? Baffled? Bamboozled? Whether you need posters, new fundraising ideas, or a bad joke and virtual high five, contact Carrie Creaser at 780.643.4460 or at carrie.creaser@albertacancer.ca and she will be happy to help!!

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For donation and/or assistance with your personal fundraising page, please contact the Alberta Cancer Foundation at 780.643.4400 or e-mail at bustamove@albertacancer.ca

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