Confronting Cancer with a Solo Ocean Row

Hiking up six of the seven highest peaks, climbing to the summit of Mount Everest without bottled oxygen and cycling across the Arctic are only a few of the extreme adventures Laval St. Germain has completed.

Laval St. Germain, an intrepid adventurer, loves to visit the remote parts of the world and challenge himself to complete some of the most extreme activities. So, what’s next for this intrepid adventurer? Another daring adventure, of course!

Laval St. GermainMid-June, Laval will set-off on his next big adventure, the Confront Cancer Ocean Row benefiting the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Laval will row 4,500 km across the Atlantic Ocean from Halifax to France. The solo-row has a lot of people asking why, but for Laval who has grown-up inspired by stories of perseverance, challenges and adventure, he says it is something he’s always wanted to do.

The Confront Cancer Ocean Row was created with purposeful intentions. Laval, who has lost loved ones to cancer, is doing the Ocean Row to bring awareness and to give back to a cause he holds close to his heart. Laval said that, ”instead of offering words of kindness, sorrow and support,” he would give back by raising funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation to help create more moments for Albertans and their families facing cancer. Although, he says “the row across the Atlantic will be physically and mentally challenging and probably lonely at times,” he is looking forward to giving back and making a difference for those affected by cancer.

Laval St. GermainThe funds raised from Laval’s Confront Cancer Ocean Row will support clinical trial research at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. The Alberta Cancer Foundation has been a long-time investor in clinical trials, supporting every single clinical trial that occurs across Alberta. Over the next five years, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has committed to investing $10 million in clinical trial research to bring innovation to Albertans faster. Within the next year, more than 40 clinical trials are expected to open in Alberta with 600 patients taking part.

Laval is rowing, on behalf of every Albertan who hears the worlds, “you have cancer”, to support the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s mission to make life better for cancer patients across the province.

Laval St. GermainTo learn more about Laval St. Germain, and all is incredible adventures, you can visit his website and follow him on Twitter and/or Instagram for the latest updates on the Confront Cancer Ocean Row.

Laval, on behalf of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we wish you all the best on your next great adventure and we thank you for all your support of cancer patients across the province. Together, we are making a difference.