Create Your Own Event

Planning a fundraising event is easy. Just follow these simple steps!

1. Choose a Fundraising Idea

We have created an Event Handbook, linked below, to help answer some of your questions about hosting an event and how we can support your fundraising ideas.
We can also provide additional information if you are looking at school or corporate fundraising.

Event Examples

Find more event ideas

2. Sign & submit a Fundraising Agreement Form

Wait for approval and for a designated Development Officer to be assigned to you

3. Once the application is approved, we will send you a fundraising toolkit that answers all of your fundraising questions

4. Continue planning & executing your event.

  • set-up online fundraiser with us (see Fund Raising Agreement Form)
  • get offline donation forms & ensure proper tracking of donor information for tax receipting purposes
  • approach sponsors if needed
  • use social media to spread the word
  • invite family & friends

5. Enjoy!