Thank you for ensuring no one crosses cancer alone. Because of you, We Cross Cancer, together.

In April of 2022, we launched our We Cross Cancer campaign, bringing together our community, donors, medical teams and patients to ensure no one crosses cancer alone.

We had an ambitious goal of raising $30 million in support of world-class discoveries and innovative research at the Cross Cancer Institute. This meant expanding the footprint of the pharmacy, a new space on the 5th floor for systemic therapy, a purpose-built space for clinical trials, and investment in made-in-Alberta solutions.

Thanks to the incredible support of Albertans, we not only reached our $30 million goal, we surpassed it.

This means more world-class discoveries, more innovative research, double the capacity for clinical trials and more made-in-Alberta solutions to cancer. More lives saved from cancer.

And it’s only the beginning. We’ve come so far but with 1 in 2 Albertans hearing the words, “You have cancer”, there’s more to do. Together, with your support of the Cross Cancer Institute, we will turn months to years, years in to decades and make sure no one cross cancer alone. We cross cancer, together. .