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The Cross Cancer Institute is northern Alberta’s own comprehensive cancer centre and a leader in innovative cancer research, prevention, treatment and care initiatives across the province and beyond. As one of 17 cancer centres directly supported by the Alberta Cancer Foundation, the Cross Cancer Institute has been redefining the future of cancer in Alberta since its inception in September 1968.

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Thanks to our donors, the Cross Cancer Institute is now home to two state-of-the-art PET/CT scanners that are making waves in cancer screening and treatment for Albertans. These new generation scanners are capable of providing high-resolution images, are valuable early detection tools in spotting much smaller tumours than previously possible, which is vital in impacting the course of treatment for many types of cancer. Compared to conventional scanners, the new PET/CT technology can screen three times as many patients, which means earlier detection, better treatment options and more positive patient outcomes.

Cross Cancer Institute donations have directly funded the Institute’s world-class tumour bank, which is home to thousands of priceless specimens accessible to researchers across the province and the world that will contribute to future research productivity. One example of the tumour bank’s importance came when a team that included the Cross Cancer Institute’s Dr. Sambasivaro Damaraju and Dr. John Mackey decoded the complex genetic makeup of the hard-to-treat, deadliest form of breast cancer, paving the way for developing new drugs and more effective treatments.

Last year, more than 21,700 patients received treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute. For many facing cancer and their families, the Cross Cancer Institute will forever hold a special place in their hearts for the compassionate care they received during their cancer journey. With the support of generous donations from people like you, the Cross Cancer Institute can continue pushing for accelerated change, progress and above all, results.

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