In Your Neighbourhood

You can always keep a look out for our canvassers fundraising in your Calgary neighbourhood!

This information will be updated regularly.

As of January 3rd, 2020, the Alberta Cancer Foundation will be fundraising in Calgary:

You can find us at these Indoor Venues
January 20th through January 24th: Calgary Place (330 5th Ave SW)
January 20th through January 26th: Northland Village Mall (5111 Northland Dr NW)

The Alberta Cancer Foundation door-to-door team will be visiting communities across Calgary again in March 2020

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When a fundraiser knocks on your door, please check to ensure they have identification badges and branded attire.

Finally, Calgary Police Service are made aware that our fundraisers are in your neighbourhood. Please feel free to call the Alberta Cancer Foundation (1.866.412.4222) or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Alberta Cancer Foundation canvassers will be equipped with iPads, identification, and branded clothing. The iPad uses “Waysact” software to securely capture your information and upon pressing “submit,” your information is removed from the iPad and sent securely to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.