In Your Neighbourhood

The Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Fundraising Ambassadors are active in your community year-round with COVID-19 special precautions being taken, including:

  • Canvassers will do a personal health check with their managers before each shift
  • Any canvasser experiencing symptoms will be unable to work and required to self-isolate accordingly
  • Canvassers are required to wear a facemask at all times while actively canvassing indoors
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wipes will be available
  • After knocking on a door, canvassers wills step back at least 2 meters from the door
  • Donors will not need to touch the iPad in order to make a donation

Marianne Turgeon

Etinosa Edegbe

Richard Wright

This information will be updated regularly.

F2F Direct Consulting is a third party fundraising consultancy that assists not-for-profit organisations in building stronger brand awareness and dramatically growing their monthly support base.

When a fundraiser knocks on your door, please check to ensure they have identification badges and branded attire.

Please feel free to call the Alberta Cancer Foundation (1.866.412.4222) or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Alberta Cancer Foundation canvassers will be equipped with iPads, identification, and branded clothing. The iPad uses “Waysact” or “Evergiving” software to securely capture your information and upon pressing “submit,” your information is removed from the iPad and sent securely to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

We Cross Cancer

In honour of International Clinical Trials Day, please consider making a gift that will help double our capacity for life-saving clinical trials at the Cross Cancer Institute.