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Investing in Research


Over the last 10 years, Alberta Cancer Foundation donors have funded more than 25 per cent of the $400 million spent on cancer research in this province.  The Foundation invests more than $15 million annually towards research in pursuit of its vision of a cancer-free future for all Albertans.  Its role, on behalf of donors, is to ensure that these research investments result in progress in reducing the incidence and impact of cancer in Alberta.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is building on its past investments and the excellent foundation of science and infrastructure in the province through a new approach towards investing in research.  The Foundation will seek to invest in research that is transformative, that forms the basis for innovation and improved outcomes.  Outcomes can include:

  •     Improved understanding of cancer risk factors
  •     Earlier diagnosis
  •     Improved interventions and treatments
  •     Improved quality of life during treatment and after care
  •     Reductions in the recurrence of cancer

The Foundation’s Strategic Research Investment Framework is used to guide investments in research. The investment opportunities for 2013/14 follow this framework.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation has established a Research Advisory Committee to advise it on the implementation of the Strategic Research Investment Framework.  This committee includes representation of the Foundation’s key partners and stakeholders.



 Cancer Research Conference 2013




Read the CCRA Report "Investment In Cancer Risk & Prevention Research 2005-2010" (published June 2013)









Did you know?
Supporting research that has a transformational impact is the primary way the Alberta Cancer Foundation delivers on its promise of progress to donors.

Over five years, the Alberta Cancer Foundation invested nearly $110 million to ensure progress toward a cancer-free future. As the largest single funder of cancer research in Alberta, we invest more than an average $15 million a year to support world-class cancer researchers.