Clinical Trials

The Alberta Cancer Foundation supports cancer clinical trials in Alberta. Find out more here.

We are impatient for progress. We know there is a need for new and effective treatment options. Together, we can make a difference by investing in clinical trials.

Where your investment goes.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation exists to create more moments for Albertans facing cancer by inspiring our community to give to innovation in detection, treatment and care. We know that the only way to bring the treatments of tomorrow to those facing cancer today – is through clinical trials. Clinical trials advance medical knowledge and bolster resources for health-care professionals to diagnose patients sooner, treat cancer more effectively and offer more hope and options to Albertans. Currently, a significant portion of trials in Alberta are immunotherapy-based – using the immune system to attack cancer cells – and this has become a game-changing treatment option for many types of cancer.

Your gift will fuel the promise of pioneering these types of new treatments for Albertans facing cancer now and in the future.


The Alberta Cancer Foundation supports every single clinical trial that takes place in Alberta.

Without your generosity, these trials would simply not take place. Your commitment supports the best and brightest minds to run these units, as well as front-line care teams to ensure trial participants are receiving excellent care. Within the next year, more than 40 clinical trials are expected to open in Alberta with 600 patients taking part. The cost to run one clinical trial can be as high as $200K. Every dollar invested by the Alberta Cancer Foundation leverages an additional $4, ensuring the clinical research units are well-armed to deliver the best treatment and care possible.

We invite you to have a transformational impact on cancer research and discovery. Together, we can redefine the future for Albertans facing cancer.

Transforming Radiation Treatment

Northern LIGHTs Program

Radiation therapy plays an important role in cancer treatment.

It uses high energy waves to destroy cancerous cells and although it is effective, it can destroy healthy surrounding tissue and take several treatments over a long period of time. In this ever-evolving field, new radiation techniques have been developed thanks to leading-edge technology such as the Linac-MR. Merging the imaging abilities of an MRI system with the treatment capabilities of a Linear Accelerator, this made-in-Alberta machine will mean doctors can see and treat cancer with radiation using real-time MR imaging. By guiding and directing a radiation beam precisely at a tumour, the Linac-MR will allow treatment doses to be increased, the number of treatments required to be reduced, and cause significantly less damage to healthy tissues and organs. The Northern LIGHTs program is a collection of clinical trials that will first test, and then provide Albertans facing cancer with access to the Linac-MR to receive cutting-edge radiation therapy treatments.

Your investment will support this series of clinical trials that will use Linac-MR technology to improve cancer treatment and care for patients. This ground-breaking research will also translate knowledge that will benefit patients at the new Calgary Cancer Centre.

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