Kimberley’s darling warrior, Colin Hackett

Colin had a kindness that could not be fostered or taught.

Colin was a teacher and a father and a speaker and an Edmonton hockey referee. He was an athlete, he was an Ironman, he was an entrepreneur and he was my husband.

In October of 2014, I had our fourth baby, three weeks later Colin had a stomach ache and he drove himself to the hospital. There was a mass in his abdomen, they figured it was cancer and that was the beginning of our cancer journey. Out of the blue, he was 33 years old.

Colin was a never-say-die sort of person. He was in the hospital a week before he died and he said to me “Kimmy I still think I can beat this thing.” So he never gave up.

I have changed my outlook on life, my kids go out and we do stuff together and we are having so much fun. Its without Colin, but it’s how he lived his life, to the fullest.

After Colin passed away, I knew that the kids wouldn’t have much of his history and I wanted my children to know who their dad was, and what a difference he made to so many people. I put up a request to people to send me stories they had of Colin. Ways he had impacted their lives and made a difference so that I would have something to hell his babies when they got older.

The response I got from his students was incredible and everyone has an amazing story for me.

I think it is so important to continue funding research because I come across people every day in my life who have had immunotherapy make a difference for them. Or who have made chemo make a difference for them. Colin wasn’t fortunate enough to survive his cancer, but there are lots of families who are keeping their loved one around because of the research and breakthroughs.

-Kimberley Hackett

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