Krystal Kitchen shares her experience with health-care journal app, ZoeInsights

Krystal Kitchen from Calgary was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2017. While undergoing treatment, she had the opportunity to use the ZoeInsights app, an innovative digital tool that allows patients and their caregivers to manage health-care data such as appointment dates, medications, treatments and more.

“It was really helpful for me. I was easily able to access all my information on my phone, at my fingertips.”

For the longest time, Krystal noted all of her questions, medications and side effects related to her treatment in a notebook that she carried to all her appointments. She remembers how unorganized and frustrating it felt at times, “I had a book with me for every appointment I went to and when I had a question about something I had to flip through all these pages which can be a pain when you’re stressed out and you know you’re under a time crunch,” says Krystal.

When Krystal started using ZoeInsights she was able to better organize and manage her health information, all in one place. “It was really helpful for me. I was easily able to access all my information on my phone, at my fingertips,” says Krystal. Using ZoeInsights, she no longer had to flip through pages of information at her appointments, she could simply go into the app and click the reports summarizing her medications, symptoms, therapies, health data and questions.

“In addition to having my list of questions and medications, I could also track my side effects and sleep patterns to help determine what things were working and what things I wanted to ask questions about,” says Krystal.

The ‘Quick Note’ option in the ZoeInsights app allows patients and caregivers to create a quick note to record important information when they are in a rush. “So many questions pop up when you’re dealing with cancer. I found it beneficial to be able to make a quick note on the app, and not having to wait till I got home to note it down,” says Krystal.

“As a patient, it was helpful for me to be able to access all my health care information easily and in one place.”

Zoelnsights – launched by Calgary tech start-up HAnalytics Solutions – is an innovative, digital tool that will allow patients and their caregivers to manage this complexity of information with ease. This secure, patient-centric app, funded in part by the generosity of Alberta Cancer Foundation donors, will help patients easily track their cancer journeys, empowering them to make the best personal choices as they navigate the data-heavy health-care realm.⠀

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