Join the Tree of Life Legacy Society

Individuals who’ve made a gift in their will to benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation are honoured members of the Tree of Life Giving Society.

When you include Alberta Cancer Foundation in your future planning, you join a group of incredible people who have made the choice to leave a gift in their will and offer hope to future generations of Albertans

The name comes from the last burst of energy produced by a radiation machine after years of saving lives, just before it is taken out of service. The final image resembles a beautiful tree, reminding us of the beauty of life, support of community, and the promise of a better future.
When you become a member of our Tree of Life Legacy Society, you are making a statement about what is important to you, and you join a group of special people who believe deeply in ensuring optimal cancer care for future generations.

Sharing your giving intentions

To join the Tree of Life Legacy Society and share your giving intentions with us, please reach out anytime.

When you let us know that you have left a gift in your will, we will keep you informed about all the incredible progress made possible by our donors right here in Alberta, and showing you the impact, we are making together.

Together, we are making a difference in the lives of future generations of Albertans. Thank you for your consideration and kind support.

“Every person who leaves a gift in their will wants to make an impact, and it’s my honour to see those intentions through. It’s exciting when I get the chance to see donor impact in action, like the breakthroughs in immunotherapy taking place in Alberta right now.”

— Christy Soholt Director, Legacy Philanthropy and Tree of Life Legacy Society member