Why Give Through Your Will: Big Dreams for Future Generations

Legacy Giving - Dr Barakat

We’re closer than ever to a cancer-free future. Leaving a gift in your will to the Alberta Cancer Foundation is a powerful way to shape the future of cancer care at home.

Do you share our big dreams for future generations?

Together, we’re getting closer every day. When you make a gift in your will to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, you’re giving a gift to cancer patients of the future across Alberta – the gift of more moments and hope for a cancer-free future.

Leave a Legacy - Legacy Giving at the Alberta Cancer Foundation

More moments for Albertans. A gift in your will.

When you remember the Alberta Cancer Foundation with a gift in your will, you make a lasting gesture of generosity and commitment to cancer care and research in our province. Your simple act makes a profound statement.

  • You’ll empower Alberta’s world-leading researchers to continue their quest for excellence.
  • You’ll help us continue to keep pace and grow as a clinical trial powerhouse, bringing life-saving therapies to Albertan patients first. 
  • You’ll play a critical role in Alberta’s ability to continue the pursuit of personalized treatment for each unique patient.
  • You’ll ensure patients who are having difficulties navigating a complex cancer system have access to assistance.
  • You’ll make certain Albertans have the best possible care, close to home at one of Alberta’s 17 cancer centres. Because of you, patients and families will be able to focus on what matters most – healing.
  • You’ll create more moments for Albertans facing cancer.

Future generations are relying on us to keep moving forward, to keep innovating. Together, we can continue to make massive strides in cancer research and improve the lives of patients and their loved ones.

“A gift in your will is the ultimate generosity. It’s someone wanting to make this world a better place, even if they're not here. Wanting to make life better for the next person.”

— Wendy Beauchesne, CEO, Alberta Cancer Foundation