Although breast cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death among women, the chances of survival continue to improve due in part to breast cancer screening programs. The successful mobile breast cancer screening program in Alberta, Screen Test, is bringing life-saving screening services to those in rural and remote communities. Easy access means more Albertans are getting screened and more cancer is being discovered early.

The Screen Test program began in 1991 and has been extremely successful to date, allowing more Albertans to undergo breast cancer screening in their own communities. However, the equipment is aging and any breakdowns will create delays in service. We need to do more to keep Screen Test on the road and prevent more Albertans from receiving a devastating late-stage cancer diagnosis.

As such, the Alberta Cancer Foundation has committed to raising $3 million to replace old equipment, which will allow Screen Test to continue to bring life-saving cancer screening to more Albertans, close to home. But, we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

All funds raised will support the program in two phases:


    This will ensure continued and enhanced breast cancer screening services to rural Albertans by purchasing state-of-the-art mammography units. With the right equipment, the program can continue to provide services in rural Alberta without any interruption, ensuring Albertans have their mammograms at required intervals without undue delay, along with a level of service that is comparable to any urban setting. All the mammography equipment at Screen Test are part of a digital system and integrated with one another. Funding for this phase would include mammography units for two mobile units, Edmonton clinic and Calgary clinic; software upgrades for technologist and radiologist workstations to ensure compatibility with new equipment.


    Over the last 11 years, the current mobile coaches have travelled approximately 12,000 KM per year, leading to wear and tear. After many good years of service, the current equipment is nearing the end of its lifespan and will soon no longer be serviceable due to lack of parts, inability to upgrade, etc.

    There is an opportunity to design new coaches with an environment that is more comfortable to clients and staff, more accessible to clients with limited mobility, and can travel to even more remote communities where mobile services are needed the most

“Living hours from Edmonton, I can’t stress strongly enough how convenient the mobile clinic is. I’ve been able to take advantage of this service for almost 15 years and also want to applaud all the technicians and volunteers with whom I’ve dealt with in that time for their unfailing pleasantness.”

— Mayerthorpe Client

To learn more, please contact Martine Grenon-Lafontaine, Manager of Community Engagement at 587.224.5865 or