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About the program

The Alberta Cancer Foundation will partner with F2F Direct Consulting to begin door-to-door fundraising in Edmonton and Calgary neighborhoods with the goal of building a powerful movement of monthly donors. Within the next year, the Alberta Cancer Foundation endeavours to recruit 10,000 monthly donors to join Alberta’s cancer-free movement.

Why does the Alberta Cancer Foundation do door-to-door fundraising?

Door-to-door fundraising is one of the most effective and personal ways we can reach out to donors. Did you know that everyday, 43 Albertans hear the words "you have cancer"? Monthly donors are integral in providing a stable source of funding for progress in cancer research, prevention, and care taking place right here at the Cross Cancer Institute and Tom Baker Cancer Centre. By becoming a monthly donor, tax receipts are consolidated and delivered to the donor once a year. This practice not only lowers administration costs, but is an environmentally-friendly option for keeping track of charitable gifts.

What are your fundraising hours?

Our fundraisers will be actively visiting homes between midday and 9 PM.

How are your fundraisers paid?

Our fundraisers are paid in accordance with Imagine Canada, Canada Revenue Agency and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) guidelines. We do not pay commissions, and our employees are not evaluated on the number of donors they sign up. Their goal is to engage donors in an informative discussion to demonstrate the impact that donor generosity has on cancer research – and the role they can play buy becoming monthly donors.

How do I know a fundraiser is legitimate?

>Educating our donors on identifying our fundraisers as legitimate is very important to us. When a fundraiser knocks on your door, please check to ensure they have identification badges and branded attire. Also, our fundraisers will have marketing materials with our toll-free number and will have an iPad featuring a video message from Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Finally, Edmonton Police Service are made aware that our fundraisers are in your neighbourhood. Please feel free to call (1.866.412.4222) or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Do you solicit elderly people?

Our campaign does not target any specific age group and our fundraisers do not have any information about the individuals living at the addresses they knock on. Our fundraisers are encouraged to sign up supporters from a wide age group and are trained to be mindful and respectful of everyone they interact with.

What are your costs for this campaign?

On average a monthly giving program has a return on investment for a charity like the Alberta Cancer Foundation of 80%. Monthly giving is the most cost effective way to support cancer research. It helps us reduce overall fundraising costs and ensures that we can provide ongoing support for research programs at the Alberta Cancer Foundation. By becoming a monthly donor, you help us to reduce administrative costs and our footprint as less materials need to be produced.

Do you accept cash gifts at the door?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash or coin gifts at the door. This helps to protect both the donor and fundraiser. If you wish to make a gift, please note that we will accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and credit card payments.

Why do you use iPads?

Our door-to-door fundraisers carry iPads to collect donor information and show videos from the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Rather than walking through your neighbourhood with a backpack and binder full of sensitive donor information, using iPads allow our fundraisers to collect your information. After you've clicked "submit" your information dissappers from the iPad and sent to a secure FTP for processing. A few other reasons our fundraisers use iPads include:

  • Payment Card Industry compliant and safe way to interact
  • Information is uploaded to server and processed immediately
  • We strictly adhere to all National Standard of Canada Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information (the “CSA Model Code”) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Is it safe to give bank details and credit card info to fundraiser?

Ensuring the safety of your banking information is our top priority. All data entered into the iPad will be removed from the iPad as soon as the information has successfully been uploaded to our servers. This means, even if our fundraisers lose their iPad, your banking information will not be available. Also, we strictly adhere to all National Standard of Canada Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information (the “CSA Model Code”) and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

How do I know that I am a monthly donor?

Becoming a monthly donor means less clutter - but we'll need to send you a few items for confirmation. You will receive an SMS text message after providing your basic personal information and before submitting your credit card or banking information. Also, an email notification will be sent within minutes of agreeing to the donation. Also, the fundraiser will also leave you a welcome package thanking you for your support and letting you know about the programs you're supporting. Finally, every year, we will mail your consolidated tax receipt.

What if I want to cancel?

While we are sorry to see you go, we understand that circumstances arise that require you to cancel. You can cancel at any time by calling 1.866.412.4222. You can also reduce, increase or change your donation amount or schedule.

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