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This past year, more than 20,000 Albertans faced a cancer diagnosis. It can be scary. It can be uncertain. It can be isolating. But Alberta Cancer Foundation donors were there.

For the 53 Albertans every day who hear those fateful words, we need you there. Albertans like Kimberley, Jamila, Silas, Jyoti and Mila. These are moments you have helped create with your incredible generosity.

Faisel’s More Moments

Earlier this year, Samira and Nash had to do the unthinkable: they said goodbye to their dear son, Faisel, after four recurrences of cancer. Help create more moments for families this holiday season.

Kimberley’s Darling Warrior, Colin Hackett

Last year, Kimberley had to do the unthinkable: tell her four children, family members and friends that her darling warrior Colin Hackett had taken his final breath.

More Moments for Tamara

In June 2014, Calgary Herald reporter Tamara Gignac had stomach issues and went to the doctor. A week later, she was facing a terminal cancer diagnosis, given six to 12 months to live. With two young children and a loving husband, Tamara is making the most of every moment.

Investing in More Moments

Together, we are giving Alberta cancer patients more moments.

We Stand with Patients During Their Cancer Journey

Going forward, don’t think that the only measure of success is a cure for cancer. This type of research will make treatments easier for people like me and improve our chance of success. That’s all I can ask for.

- Seven-time Ironman triathlete, Colin Hacket, diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer at age 34.

My wife Jan died in February 2012. Jan was a wonderful mom, grandma, wife and a good friend to all. She would be happy with what we’re doing. I’ve already received thank you letters from people who benefited from the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Patient Financial Assistance Program and it’s heartwarming.

- Tom Crist, donor Patient Financial Assistance Program

My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer when she was 50 and she lived with it until she was 81. When people are faced with a diagnosis, they inevitably have a lot of questions. Being able to reach out to a patient navigator just brings people peace of mind and that makes me and my family feel good.

- Keith MacPhail, Donor Patient Navigator Program

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