Our Investment Framework

The Alberta Cancer Foundation has an established and accountable process for directing research dollars on behalf of our donors. Over 200,000 Albertans support the Alberta Cancer Foundation, trusting us to ensure donations are invested in respected research initiatives and patient programs that are making real progress in the fight against cancer.

Over the last 10 years, we have established our role as the largest philanthropic investor in cancer research within Alberta. Investing over $110 million over the past five years. We invest more than $15 million annually in research that will reduce the incidence of, and impact of cancer. All of our efforts are made with our sights set firmly on our vision of a cancer-free future.

Over the past 30 years, we have built a solid foundation of investing in innovative science supported by a close partnership to Alberta's health system to ensure that what we fund reaches patients faster. Today, our strategy focuses on investing in research that is transformative and patient-focused, forming the basis for innovation and improved outcomes.

Outcomes can include: 

  • Improved understanding in risk factors
  • Earlier diagnosis 
  • Improved interventions and treatments 
  • Improved quality of life during treatment and after care 
  • Reductions in the recurrence of cancer

The Alberta Cancer Foundation will: 

  1. Target strategic investment, to achieve results and meet donor expectations 
  2. Invest actively, leveraging many resources (rather than passively, through grants) 
  3. Invest in outcomes that benefit at-risk individuals, cancer patients and cancer survivors 
  4. Build capacity, collaboration and alignment in the cancer research community 
  5. Use scarce resources strategically to achieve significant outcomes 
  6. Champion patient networks and leverage patient expertise to inform research, treatment and care 
  7. Encourage innovative, outcome-focused programs to advance cancer control 
  8. Strengthen Alberta’s capacity for rapid translation of research into practice 
  9. Partner (in Alberta, nationally and globally) to build capacity to tackle cancer

Please take the time to review our Strategic Research Investment Framework (Summary) 2012-2017 to learn more about how Alberta Cancer Foundation investments are designed to produce real results.

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