Our Purpose

We Value

Compassion – We meet the needs of patients, families, donors, staff and volunteers in a caring and compassionate manner.

Collaboration – We work and celebrate as a team and nurture partnerships that add value for Albertans.

Boldness – We are innovative in discovery and take balanced risks to continuously improve.

Responsiveness – Our work is grounded in purpose propelling us to be nimble and responsive to opportunities.

Integrity – We are truthful and accountable to each other and to our stakeholders.

Energy – We seize our purpose with energy and passion and bring a generosity of spirit to everything we do.

Albertans Helping Albertans

Albertans helping Albertans is at the core of everything the Alberta Cancer Foundation does. Our very purpose comes from our desire to create more moments for all Albertans facing cancer, no matter where they live or the type of cancer they are facing. From the Canmore mountains to the canola fields in Lloydminster – we support leading edge treatment, care and research that is making a difference for cancer patients across the province.

As the fundraising partner for the 17 Alberta Health Services cancer centres, as well as the new Calgary Cancer Centre (alongside the University of Calgary), we make life better for Albertans facing cancer by supporting world-class research and patient care, right here in our own backyard.

We don’t do it alone

It takes a village. One that includes the generosity of donors who support innovation in cancer detection, treatment and care, across the province. Such gifts support patients whose cancer journey has put them in a financial bind, and others who have ran out of all other treatment options and are turning to a clinical trial as a last resort, a last hope. The list goes on and on. The impact is immeasurable.

In the very simplest form, the Alberta Cancer Foundation is about Albertans helping Albertans. It’s about ensuring we can provide the very best care, close to home so that every cancer patient can focus on what matters most: healing. But, we need your support. Help us achieve our vision of a cancer-free future today.

The Clinical trials not only helped me beat the odds, but they gave me more time to live my life. Throughout this journey, I continued working and retired at the end of June. I celebrated milestones, like graduations, with my family. But beyond my own personal experience, I’m hopeful that participating in these trials could also help someone else down the road.

- Delores Zuk, a clinical trials participant who was diagnosed with stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer at the age of 59

We Stand with Patients During Their Cancer Journey

I truly believe, after my stage 4 cancer diagnosis, I would not be here in this positive physical and mental state today without the support from the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the expertise of my amazing health care team at Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

- Randy Thompson, a cancer survivor, who was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal and liver cancer at age 55.

My wife Jan died in February 2012. Jan was a wonderful mom, grandma, wife and a good friend to all. She would be happy with what we’re doing. I’ve already received thank you letters from people who benefited from the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Patient Financial Assistance Program and it’s heartwarming.

- Tom Crist, donor Patient Financial Assistance Program

My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer when she was 50 and she lived with it until she was 81. When people are faced with a diagnosis, they inevitably have a lot of questions. Being able to reach out to a patient navigator just brings people peace of mind and that makes me and my family feel good.

- Keith MacPhail, Donor Patient Navigator Program

Help make life better for Albertans facing cancer