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Alberta Cancer Foundation

Screen Test

Because the risk of breast cancer increases with age, a woman’s next mammogram is even more important than her last. The Alberta Cancer Foundation provides funding to operate Screen Test, a screening mammography program with fixed sites in Calgary and Edmonton and two mobile clinics that visit over 100 rural locations each year.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Weekend to End Women's Cancers, Screen Test now uses the most advanced digital technology to make screening even more effective.

The Tomorrow Project

Cancer prevention initiatives must be based on solid evidence. Long-term research studies, like the Tomorrow Project, provide this much-needed information.

Funded by the Alberta Cancer Foundation, this project examines the connection between lifestyle and cancer. The goal of the Tomorrow Project is to study 50,000 Albertans to learn why some people stay healthy and some develop cancer.

You can join Alberta's cancer-free movement by joining the Tomorrow Project, which has now expanded across Canada.




Yvonne Merchant


"The biggest thing I’ve learned through this experience is to maintain hope.”