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Alberta Cancer Foundation

Psychosocial support

With funding from the Alberta Cancer Foundation, The Cross Cancer Institute and the Tom Baker Cancer Centre offer a variety of psychosocial services to patients and their families. These services are invaluable when it comes to maintaining hope in the face of cancer.

These include:

  • Support groups for patients and families
  • Pastoral care
  • Stress management courses
  • One-on-one counseling

Arts and Medicine [coming soon]

Financial assistance

Patients and families often say that coping with a cancer diagnosis is easier than dealing with the stress of financial worries resulting from their illness. The Patient Financial Assistance Program [1-866-408-5465], funded by the Alberta Cancer Foundation provides short-term help so families can focus on recovery instead of how to pay for transportation or cover the cost of medications.

Patient Orientations

The Alberta Cancer Foundation funds patient orientations at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre that help ease new patients’ anxieties. Patient orientations are also available at the Cross Cancer Institute. The orientations include 

  • Information on cancer and available treatments
  • Advice from survivors on how to cope
  •  Learning how to get the most out of your care
  • Helpful resources




Yvonne Merchant


"The biggest thing I’ve learned through this experience is to maintain hope.”