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2011 World's Longest Hockey Game
Congratulations and thank you to all who helped us raise more than $1,000,000 for the Cross Cancer Institute!

World's Longest Hockey Game Raffle 
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How it all began. . .
A truly remarkable individual, who is an inspiration and an example to us all, is Dr. Brent Saik, President of Alberta Sports Vision Institute. Brent is an exemplary member of the Edmonton and Strathcona communities, generously contributing his time and funds, and has been an outstanding volunteer fundraiser for the Alberta Cancer Foundation in support of the Cross Cancer Institute since 1996.

Brent’s relationship with the Cross began in 1994 when his father, Terry, lost a spirited battle to cancer. One of Terry’s final wishes was that Brent would carry on the Saik legacy of support and continue raising funds for the Cross Cancer Institute – Pediatric Research Program.

Brent made good on his promise and in 1996 began the Annual Terry Saik Memorial Golf Tournament; the event has raised nearly $35,000 to date. In 2003, 2005 and again in 2008, Brent organized one of the most successful events in the history of the Alberta Cancer Foundation—the World’s Longest Hockey Game. The initial game held in memory of his father, Terry, raised $150,000 to purchase a Gene Analyzer used in pediatric cancer research at the Cross Cancer Institute; two years later the Game raised more than double—a record $350,000 in loving memory of Brent’s wife, Susan, who succumbed to cancer in June 2003. Funds from the 2005 game went to purchase a Microarray Platform and the unprecedented $558,468 raised from the 2008 game allowed the Cross to purchase a Confocal Microscope. And plans are underway for the 2011 Game!

But perhaps more important than any sum of money raised was the display of humanity and the indomitable spirit of a man, so deeply touched by cancer, that captured the heart of a nation and motivated them to join him in the fight to help conquer cancer. Brent’s demonstration of character, courage and generosity is an example for us all. . .

Brent’s passion for our great cause and charismatic leadership make him a formidable force in fundraising, and a treasure to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. Despite his tremendous loss as a result of cancer, he is undaunted and proudly states that his goal is to put everyone out of work at the Cross Cancer Institute by finding a cure. His demonstration of character and unrelenting hope for a cure is a source of encouragement and inspiration for us all.

Brent Saik is among the most respected and valued volunteers at the Cross Cancer Institute. No event in the 20 year history of the Alberta Cancer Foundation has captured the hearts and pride of Canadians like the World’s Longest Hockey Game, generating donations from across the continent. In the words of a grateful patient in a note accompanying her donation following the 240 hour game, “Thank you for enduring the pain you did to raise funds to lessen the pain of others.”

Please consider supporting the 40 players and many crew by clicking on their personal pages and making a donation in their name. Help them reach their goal of $1 million from this game to purchase a new Linear Accelerator (Linac) used in radiation treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute.

If you are interested in hosting your own companion event to help reach the goal, please contact Bobbi Wolbeck at bobbi.wolbeck@albertacancerfoundation.ca.

Please plan to come out to Saiker's Acres and cheer the players on.


We would like to thank the following sponsors!
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 Top Fundraisers

1. World's Longest Hockey Game General Donations  $487,600.89
2. Brent Saik   $96,647.01
3. Kevin Karius   $58,630.00
4. Leslie Hennig   $36,208.00
5. Dustin Nielson   $35,196.71
 6. Scott Shaw $20,950.00
 7. Larry Steel $20,235.00
 8. Dale Zingel $17,500.00
 9. Jouni Nieminen $17,144.00
 10. Matthew Siminiuk $16,763.00

Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000.00
Amount Raised: $1,152,747.99

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