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Alberta has long been a leader when it comes to cancer clinical trials. And you helped us get there.

Hope. It’s the one word that cancer patients cling to during a cancer journey. But what happens when hope runs out? What happens when traditional treatment options just aren’t working?

That’s when a clinical trial might be a good option, because for patients, clinical trials offer another treatment option, when all others have run out.

But there has never been a centralized place for Alberta cancer patients to go to for information on clinical trials offered in Alberta. Until now.

A new website called Alberta Cancer Clinical Trials provides the most up to date information on trials offered in Alberta. And it will give patients all of the information they need, right at their fingertips.

For patients it contains all the relevant information they would need to know about a trial: what is a trial, who is eligible, and to how a trial works.

For researchers, the new website houses information on how to open a trial, how to secure funding and how to navigate through processes related to clinical trials. More importantly, it helps open the lines of communication between patients and doctors.

"I think it is a perfect interface because it opens up the lines of communication. When we talk to patients it is often overwhelming, having information on the website is often the best way of communicating that information."

- Dr. Randeep Sangha, Medical Oncologist at the Cross Cancer Institute, and Chair for the Provincial Lung Cancer Team

Alberta has the highest accrual rate of patients on cancer clinical trials in Canada, and has been home to critical discoveries. That’s why the most notable feature of the site, available to patients, researcher and sponsors, is the active list of open trials currently recruiting within Alberta.

This is a first for Alberta cancer patients. And it’s thanks to you.

Anyone can look on the site and search open trials either by location or by disease site. Patients can take this information to their health care provider and enquire if they may be a fit for a certain trial. At the same time, physicians can easily access the list and discuss possibilities with their patients.

“It’s all about patient care, I now know what’s going on at other sites, whereas before I didn’t. This new site highlights the diversity of different trials going on in Alberta, and patients can see that they are being treated at a high level. Hopefully we will get more people on trials.”

- Dr. Randeep Sangha

Clinical trials are one of the few ways to provide a controlled environment for advancing medical knowledge and enhancing patient care. They answer two important questions: does the new treatment work in people and is it safe?

The Alberta Cancer Foundation supports every single clinical trial that takes place in Alberta. Without you, these trials would not take place. Thank you for making investments that matter.



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