Raising Money Has Never Been Muddier (Or More Fun)!

Mud Hero AlbertaRaising money for the Alberta Cancer Foundation has never been muddier!

For the 6th year, we’ve teamed up with the fun-loving crew at Mud Hero to provide you with an opportunity to raise funds that will make a difference for cancer patients across the province while makingmuddy memories! Together at Mud Hero, from August 5th-7th, we’re hoping to raise $200,000 to make life better for Albertans and their families facing cancer – join us!

Mud Hero is the largest Canadian-owned and operated mud racing event series. Last year more than 55,000 people participated in events across the country, including an event right here in Red Deer, Alberta. The 6K off-road course features 16 – 20 unique obstacles that participants tackle on their way to muddy glory at the finish line!

Think mud racing is an extreme sport reserved only for the fittest among us? Think again! At Mud Hero you won’t encounter barbed wire or electric shocks, and you won’t get punished if you choose to bypass an obstacle. In fact, Mud Hero welcomes participants of all experience and fitness levels – even offering easier and harder variations on some obstacles. While the event is timed for those who want to push themselves, most participants go at their own pace, walking, crawling or sliding their way to the finish.

Mud Hero Alberta

So, how can you “make meaning out of mud?” Follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by registering for Mud Hero Red Deer on August 5th, 6th, and 7th
  2. Then, set up your personal fundraising page.
  3. Finally, let your friends andfamily know you’ll be getting muddy in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation and ask for their support! Send out an email or use the graphics below to spread the word on social media.

It’s that easy!

Fundraising Tips

A car wash, a dollar-per-muddy-mile or a simple donation in support of your Mud Hero goals are all great ways to get
friends and family involved. But, that’s just the beginning! What about a “mud pie” bake sale or a buck-for-burpees game? Get inspired with some of these ideas.

Training Tips

You don’t have to train for Mud Hero, but putting in a little time in the lead up to the event can make a big difference in how you feel on the course. Training can be as simple as incorporating a daily walk or jog into your routine, or more involved with trips to the gym and outdoor training. The
obstacles you’ll encounter at Mud Hero will use all of your muscles in different ways – a form of fitness called “functional training”. Mud Hero has made training easy with free training plans and tips on their website. Get started here.

Mud Hero AlbertaFree Training Plans:

Training Tips:

We hope you’ll join us in this MUD-ificent event that will create more moments for Albertans facing cancer! See all you Mud Heroes on August 5th – 7th!