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2022 Report to our Community

The effects of your actions go further than you could ever possibly imagine.

The cancer effect is the theme of our 2022 Report to our Community. It’s a cancer story, told from two important points of view. One is from Leah Meier, a mother of three, who was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer. The other is from the perspective of cancer research and care. Advancements in the latter – made possible thanks to the generosity of donors like you – have provided Leah and countless Albertans facing cancer with more moments.

Thank you for the tremendous role you have played in making each one of these breakthroughs, these stories, these moments, possible. The effects of your actions go further than you could ever possibly imagine.

We understand how important it is to make smart investments with your dollars – investments that have a clear impact on patients – earlier detection, improved treatments and quality of life.

Donor commitment has yielded real results. And we are proud of what we have accomplished together. Our donors allow the Alberta Cancer Foundation to push for breakthroughs and discoveries for all Albertans facing cancer. And you know what? The greatest thing about the progress we have made… is that it’s just the beginning!

The Alberta Cancer Foundation values transparency and accountability. We are efficient and responsible stewards of our donor dollars and invest in high-quality research and treatment that will improve and save lives.

We Stand with Patients During Their Cancer Journey

I truly believe, after my stage 4 cancer diagnosis, I would not be here in this positive physical and mental state today without the support from the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the expertise of my amazing health care team at Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

- Randy Thompson, a cancer survivor, who was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal and liver cancer at age 55.

My wife Jan died in February 2012. Jan was a wonderful mom, grandma, wife and a good friend to all. She would be happy with what we’re doing. I’ve already received thank you letters from people who benefited from the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s Patient Financial Assistance Program and it’s heartwarming.

- Tom Crist, donor Patient Financial Assistance Program

My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer when she was 50 and she lived with it until she was 81. When people are faced with a diagnosis, they inevitably have a lot of questions. Being able to reach out to a patient navigator just brings people peace of mind and that makes me and my family feel good.

- Keith MacPhail, Donor Patient Navigator Program

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