Stewardship–What does it mean?

Transparent, accountable, donor-focused, impactful and grateful are a few of the words that flow through my head non-stop as stewardship manager at the Alberta Cancer Foundation. It may sound overwhelming, but I truly feel like I have the best job in the entire Foundation because I get to talk non-stop about all the great work that is happening!

The Alberta Cancer Foundation is a hub that connects donors, health care professionals, patients facing cancer and the research community. Together, we are making life better for Albertans and their families facing cancer.

Every gift we receive, whether it be through an event, an estate, a monthly giving program or some other form of giving, has a donor behind it. All of these donors have one thing in common: the desire to know that their gift is making the largest impact possible.

However, savvy donors are often left thinking…what’s next? What does making life better for Albertans facing cancer really mean? Fortunately, that is where the stewardship department has some room to get creative and really “show off” all of the cutting-edge research, treatment, prevention and care programs our donors make possible.

It’s important for our donors to hear stories about how their investments have resulted in the most important return we can imagine—healthy Albertans. It’s almost like a very sophisticated version of “Show & Tell” for our donors, with the hope that they “Show & Tell” the same story to all of their friends and families.

Although many of the stewardship strategies and tools that we use to report on impact start in my department, I believe that it has become part of our culture at the Alberta Cancer Foundation.  We can’t wait to share the latest edition of our Leap magazine when it comes out and we are beyond proud of our annual report and quarterly progress reports. There isn’t anything more rewarding than being able to show a donor how they have created more moments for patients facing cancer.

It’s hard for me to write anything without it ending in “thank you” — so thank you for taking the time to read this blog, believing in all of the incredible work that we are doing and giving us a chance to “Show & Tell” you how impactful it all truly is.

Lindsay Gilbert - Alberta Cancer Foundation Stewardship Manager~ By Lindsay Gilbert, Alberta Cancer Foundation Stewardship Manager