Team Cross Cancer Institute Unites From Three Different Provinces for an Incredible Cause

Team Cross Cancer Institute

Meet Team Cross Cancer Institute (Team CCI). They are about to cycle over 200km in the ninth annual Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer to make a difference for cancer patients across Alberta. Dedicated? They are! This team of over 40 individuals brings a whole new meaning to the word “strong.”

While this amazing group of 40 fearless Riders includes physicians, nurses, therapists and staff from the Cross Cancer Institute, the majority of Team CCI are survivors and loved ones of cancer patients from Northern Alberta, North Red Deer, the Northwest Territories and Northern B.C. Regardless of where they come from, every member of the team has some connection to cancer and the Cross Cancer Institute, be it professional, personal, or both. And, they are eager to make a difference!

This team is led by Co-Captain, Winston Poon, a radiation therapist at the Cross Cancer Institute and a nine-time rider, and Co-Captain Brian Kiely, a
Unitarian Church Minister and 6-time rider!

We had the opportunity to chat with Winston to learn more about his long-term support of the Ride. When asked, “If you could pick anyone to meet you at the finish line, no matter the circumstance, who would it be?”

Winston answered, “Seeing all of the survivors that we have helped and the families of those who we ride in memory of during the entire weekend, unified for one cause…”

We couldn’t agree more.

“Doing the Ride gives those of us who are clinicians and staff at the Cross Cancer Institute the ability to connect to the effort against cancer as it happens outside of the Cross Cancer Institute’s walls.  It also gives survivors and their friends and family a venue to be a part of the care effort we deliver at the Cross Cancer Institute in the battle against this disease,” says Winston.

Winston and his team carry that motivation with them during every Thursday and Sunday when the team goes on their training rides. So far, Team CCI has raised $105,000 this year alone and they’re not about to let anything slow them down, including chafing.

“We are urging teammates to get in as much time on their bike saddles as they can before the
event,” explains Winston.

Winston also recommends bib shorts, chamois butter, and “vitamin I” (ibuprofen) to his teammates in order to combat any chafing on the day of the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer.

We’d like to thank every member of Team CCI for everything they do to create more moments for Albertans facing cancer.

-Sydney Fairfield