Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre

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After the Government of Alberta announced that a 1.4 billion dollar comprehensive cancer centre will be built, the Alberta Cancer Foundation started work on a plan to embark on a five year, 200 million dollar campaign to fund programs and equipment, enhance patient care and advance educational and research excellence within the new Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre currently under construction in the city of Calgary.

View one year of construction from the ground up! (courtesy of Dialog Design)

What if a building could give a hug?

The Arthur J.E. Child Comprehensive Cancer Centre will be a leading health care facility and centre for research and education in oncology delivering integrated cancer care – a one stop care facility. Not only will the building double the capacity to treat patients and double the space for clinical trials, its design, made up of two curving, L-shaped forms coming together in an embrace, will provide patients, families and staff with a warm, comforting environment that invokes hope and healing.

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Investment strategy

Innovation + Research

Investing in new and innovative ways to detect and treat cancer ensures that Alberta stays at the forefront of research which leads, through our patient-focused investment model, to the best treatment and quality of life for Albertans facing cancer.

Patient + Family Experience

Expert care and support for patients is vital from their first symptom to survivorship or end of life. Our goal is to enhance the delivery of expert care and improve the quality of life for Albertans facing cancer. We support patients and their families to make their cancer journey less frightening.

Advancing Excellence

We make investments that have a transformational impact on the things that matter to Albertans – earlier detection of cancer, better treatments, better survival rates and better quality of life. We seek to invest in the brightest minds and to enhance the learning and educational growth of care givers and clinicians.

Equipment + Technology

Our focus on achieving impact and measurable outcomes fuels our investment in advanced equipment and technology, allowing doctors and researchers to see cancers like never before. With the potential to provide the most detailed images and the most efficient treatments, we power progress for Albertans facing cancer.


We are proud to collaborate with UCalgary on this game-changing and important initiative to provide Albertans with world-class cancer care.